Thursday, October 27, 2011

Baking Update

Today was a very disappointing baking day.. I set out to buy my ingredients for a Hallowe'en themed lemon bundt cake. Everything bought and laid out on the counter, I decided that if I made two lemon bundt cakes and put one on top of the other, and then covered the whole thing in orange icing, it would look like a pumpkin.

The disasters started when I had finished making the mixture, which I had doubled. I mean there was a lot of mixture. Like, 450g of butter, 600g was all a little extreme and unplanned...

I looked in the cupboard and realised that we didn't have a bundt cake tin like I thought we had.. So I sat there with my huge bowl of doubled cake mixture, enough for two big bundt cakes, feeling like a failure. A tad dramatic, yes. But I had so been looking forward to a big cake pumpkin. Not pumpkin cake, because that would be like there was pumpkin in the cake. Though if you are interested in cake with pumpkin in it, there are hundreds of recipes floating around the place. Those crazy americans and their holiday baking obsessions.

So yeah, that was my disappointing baking day. I ended up just putting the mixture in two loaf tins and now I have two rather large lemon cakes and no purpose for them.

Moral of the story:
Before you embark on an extravagant and ambitious baking adventure, make sure you have EVERYTHING you will need. And don't get too carried away with ambitious ideas without thinking logically.
Lesson learned :/

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